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Seminar - The Digital Economy in EU-Competition Law


Seit dem Wintersemester 2018/2019 bietet der Postgraduierten-Studiengang Europawissenschaften neben dem regulären Masterprogramm auch einzelne Kurse zur Weiterbildung an.


The Digital Economy is data driven. New data-based digital markets emerge and provide consumer benefits. But network effects result in new dominant market players. Are traditional competition law principles like market power, dominance and abuse sufficiently robust to address the new challenges? Do we need to adapt?
Based on a solid introduction into the general principles of competition law (normative and political/economic setting) we will discuss leading cases from both the EU and Germany. The interplay with data protection/privacy and other selected issues linked to competition law will be debated. The participants should be enabled to both understand the structural arguments (competition law as a regulatory tool) and the legal problems with a view to critically assess the ongoing debate.

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- Auf Anfrage - 10115 Berlin
- Auf Anfrage - 10115 Berlin

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